To take part in one or more of our races you will simply need to follow these three easy steps:

1. Registration

Choose which race or races in which you would like to register. You will find a description under ”Our Races” on the page below.


Then please sign up for RACEID.COM


Would you like to take part in more than one race? A great option is to buy one of our economical packages that include 5 or 10 races (you will then receive a code by email and use it to sign up to your chosen race).

After completing races, you will also receive a specially designed 5 or 10-race medal.


2. Race/Timing

You run the race yourself virtually. Our races depend on which you choose, a fixed or a free track. You start whichever day and time you would like to finish your race and within the time period your race is in progress.

The timing of your race is tracked on the RaceONE app (you can download this app for free). When it is time to use the app, you search for your specific race, click on ”I am a participant” and enter the race code you received in the confirmation email. Now it is time to get started! Your friends can follow you live on the app whilst you run!

Do you have a watch you prefer to use? No problem, you can easily upload your time from us via a gpx file, or just enter your result manually.


3. Medal/After Run

Now onto the fun part. After you have finished your race, you are welcome to pick up your medal, goodie bag and after run drink at each delivery point. You can pick up your reward straight away or at a later time that is more suitable for you and have it sent straight to your home address.

Download the RaceONE app to track your race.