How do I register?

Registration is via RECEID.COM (Insert as hyperlink) You can pick and choose whatever race or races you like. Pick one race or if you are like us and love medals, buy a economical package with 5 or 10 races included.


How do I start my race?

Depending on which race you have chosen to register for, there is both a free track and a fixed track from which to choose.

If you have chosen a race with a fixed track please be sure to read up on the track route. We have tried to make the track as easy to follow as possible. You time your race in the app RaceONE!


What happens when I finish?

When you reach the finish line, you have to report that you have finished the race. The pick up point will have a list of our runners who have crossed the finish line. You can now pick up your medal, goodie bag and drink voucher. If you have ordered extra food packages, please inform the staff and they will make sure you get your order.


Are the races Coronavirus safe?

The race itself is virtual and you take responsibility for keeping your distance and thinking of others in your surrounding area. Run alone or with people from your household that you normally hang out with to prevent the spread of the virus.

All of our partners follow all of the existing restrictions.


Can I leave my belongings at the pick up point?

This varies from place to place. Some locations have more space than others. Feel free to contact the pick up point and ask!

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